Photolive PLUS Manual

Photolive slideshow that automatically updates with new images at full screen.Use for Eye-Fi or Wireless Transmitter.This manual explains how to use Photolive PLUS.



Getting to know the Photolive PLUS

Photolive PLUS monitors the folder and displays the image when a new image is added to the folder.

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Photolive PLUS consists of two windows. In the primary window, we will control the slideshow. In the secondary window, display a slideshow image.

Primary Window
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  1. Slide show image folder
  2. Image currently playing
  3. Next image to play
  4. Previous,Play/Pause,Next button
  5. Time per slide
  6. Play Mode/Repeat Slider
  7. Transition
  8. Filter
  9. Vignette
  10. Aspect
  11. Sort
  12. Show Secondary window
  13. Add one watermark or logo:
  14. Folder tab
  15. Hide the slideshow
  16. Slide show images
  17. Pointer
  18. Move to pointer
  19. Select All/DeSelect All
  20. Zoom In/Out
Secondary Window
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  1. Window Button
  2. Slideshow Images
  3. Watermark text/image


Select a Folder

First of all, please select the folder that contains the slideshow images.

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Press play button.A pointer is displayed on the primary window and it plays.

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The slideshow starts in the secondary window.

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Display the image being played with a pointer. When you drag and drop the pointer, the image of the drop destination is displayed as a slide show.

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Live Updating Slideshows

When new images are fly into the folder, the slideshow will automatically show the new ones.

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Adjust playback time

You can control the time to display photos.
Past: Set up a slideshow of played photos.
Latest: Set up a slideshow of newly arrived photos.

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Play Mode

There are two play modes.
All: Repeat all images repeatedly.
Star: Repeat playing images with checked stars.

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Repeat playback of limited range images.Up to five can be set.

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About the "Star"

If you check the star, only the images with the star checked will be displayed as a slideshow.

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There are three types of transitions, cut, cross dissolve,zoom in/out.

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It has 6 types of filters.We will increase the type of filter in the future.

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You can change the aspect ratio of the slideshow image displayed in the secondary window.

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Folder tab

You can switch between 3 folders. Switch folders for each shooting situation.

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Hide the Slideshow

You can Hide the Slideshow. It is useful when temporarily hiding it..

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Full Screen

In the top left corner of the secondary window, click the full screen button.

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Add one watermark or logo

Ability to overlay a logo image or one line text.

Watermark Text

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  1. Add Watermark Window
  2. Text Mode
  3. Text Area
  4. Text Color
  5. Font
  6. Font Type
  7. Font Size
  8. Transparency
  9. Delete Watermark Text
  10. Reset Image Position(Move to center)
  11. Close
How to add watermark text.

1.Add text, choose font, size, transparency.

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2.A watermark was added.
If you want to change the color etc after adding,open the Watermark control window again.

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Watermark Image

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  1. Add Watermark Window
  2. Image Mode
  3. Thumbnail Image
  4. Watermark Image File
  5. Watermark Image Size
  6. Transparency
  7. Rotate image
  8. Delete Watermark Image
  9. Reset Image Position(Move to center)
  10. Close

Add the watermark image in the same procedure as when adding watermark text.

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Double click on the image in the thumbnail list, the edit screen will be displayed.
In the edit screen, you can enlarge the image, rotate, visibility, check the star.

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  1. Edit Window
  2. Edit Image
  3. Visibility
  4. Star
  5. Rotate Image
  6. Close


On the preferences window, set the image cache size and the extension.

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  1. Preferences Window
  2. General Mode
  3. Disc Cache Image Size
    You can define the image size to process inside Photolive PLUS.
  4. File Handling
  5. File Types
    Select the extension of the slideshow image. After checking the extension, please reload the folder again.

Keyboard Shortcut

Applications can be operated with the keyboard.

Save Setting

Possible to save the setting. The file extension is plvx. Please be aware that if you move or delete the reference image file, an error will result.

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